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From the creator of C&C Cages and the team comes
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Corner Cabin

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Corner Cabin in Kisses
Corner Cabin in Native American
Corner Cabin in Jungle
Corner Cabin in Dino Camo
Corner Cabin in Owls
Corner Cabin in Kisses
Corner Cabin in Elephants
Corner Cabin in Cow
Corner Cabin in Black Paws
Corner Cabin in Zebra
Corner Cabin in Pink Camo
Corner Cabin in Blue Camo
Corner Cabin in Pink Leopard
Corner Cabin in Sharks
Corner Cabin in Green Whales
Corner Cabin in Heart Showers
Corner Cabin in Unicorns
Tweety Corner Cabin
Corner Cabin in Kittens
Corner Cabin in Frogs
Corner Cabin in Sugar Skulls on Black
Price: $40.99

    You Get

    • 1 Corner Cabin
    • 1 Removeable Potty Pad
    • 3 Metal Lanyard Ring Connectors


    • Approx. 10" x 10" x 10"
    Made by: Cagetopia®

    Rock Star Native American Tribal Winter Wonderland
    Wild Love Tweety Bird Silver Dots Christmas Dots
    Clouds Unicorns Superman Kisses
    Heart Showers Heart Strings Elephants Roses
    Feathers Bird Love Frog Princess Dino Camo
    Leopard Spots Pink Camo Blue Camo Pink Leopard
    Purple Leopard Giraffe Black Paws Cow
    Zebra Frogs Matryoshka Owls Bat Signal
    Kittens Jungle Animals Sharks Soccer
    Sugar Skulls Red Sugar Skulls Black Whales Green Whales Pink
    Fiesta Pinecones Cardinals Poinsettia
    Maize/Brown Turquoise/Orange Orange/Yellow Red/Orange
    Lime/Yellow Green/Lime Medium Blue/Green Medium Blue/Fuschia
    Pink/Gray Fuschia/Pink Purple/Fuschia Navy/Bubblegum
    Blue/SoftBlue Blue/Purple Purple/Lilac Purple/Black
    Charcoal/Gray Black/Fuschia Black/Orange Black/Red

    Enticing Corner Cabin

    Corner Cabins are a lovely hidey addition to your cage. It provides your guinea pigs with the feeling of security yet doesn't get in their way.

    Double Entrance/Exit

    The Corner Cabins, while providing that additional level of natural comfort for your piggies, are open enough with a double entrance to prevent bickering of territorial guinea pigs. Easy in and Easy out! Let your piggers relax or quickly escape a pal that wants in!

    Removeable Potty Pad

    Extend the life of your Corner Cabin with our included removeable and washable matching potty pads! Just toss in the wash as needed.

    Machine Washable

    Just remove the hooks! They are machine washable and dryer-safe!

    Item #: CCABIN
    Availability: Made-to-Order
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