How to Size Bedding Needs for your Guinea Pig Cage

Do you have a C&C Cage?

Is it a Cagetopia C&C Cage?

If you purchased the cage from us on the Guinea Pig Cages Store, great! No need to worry about the sizing of the Coroplast. All of our bedding solutions at the Guinea Pig Market are compatible.

Did you make it yourself or buy it elsewhere?

For a proper fit of bedding options, some solutions, like Fleece Flippers and to an extent Cage Liners, require a snug fit to prevent leakages and poops dropping at the edges of the bedding.

If you made it yourself, please make sure the INNER DIMENSIONS your COROPLAST base matches to the cage cutting dimensions that have been published by us as the standard for C&C Cages for 20 years. Everyone creates bedding and accessories to these measurements. Yet, when making your own, people tend to 'fine-tune' the dimensions thinking they are improving on them or just doing their own thing. That makes your cage non-standard to the vast eco-system of C&C Cages out there.

2x3 Grids = 27" x 41"
2x3.5 Grids = 27" x 50"
2x4 Grids = 27" x 56"
2x5 Grids = 27" x 71"
2x6 Grids = 27" x 84.5"

If your inner cage dimension is within an inch or less of these dimensions, you should be okay.