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    Going, going, gone... Last chance to save on disposable shredded paper bedding - 22 Liters

    Item #: APD-BEDDING-22L
    Availability: Discontinued notify me
    Made by APD

    Green Dreamzzz pet bedding is a premium paper bedding that's comfortable, healthy, safe, effective, fun and at a great value. Green Dreamzzz is made from recycled paper from unused phone books, it is green certified and is the ultimate in eco-friendly bedding. The colors are from edible vegetable inks. It is one of the safest small pet beddings on the market at 99% dust-free. It absorbs more than 3x its weight in moisture, keeping pets warm and comfortable while absorbing the odors too.

    • Environmentally Smart
    • Made from 100 % recycled paper
    • Biodegradable
    • Safe and Healthy for Your Pets and You
    • Habitat stays clean and dry
    • 99.9% dust free
    • Non-toxic made from vegetable inks
    • Perfectly warm and comfortable for nesting, burrowing and playing
    • Great Value and Easy to Use
    • Long lasting expands to 3 times its compressed volume
    • Superior Absorbency & Odor Control absorbs 3x its weight in wet matter
    • Reduces Odor by absorbing moisture allowing it to be removed easily

    Get You Started Bedding!

    This bedding is a good starter option for C&C Cages with kitchen inserts for disposable bedding.

    If you have a litter area in conjunction with fleece, give this soft, recycled paper bedding a try!

    Great for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Ferrets, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats, and Mice!

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