Ordering INFO

We provide HAND-CRAFTED, HAND-SEWN soft goods for your guinea pigs of the HIGHEST QUALITY that lasts for years. We do not have a huge staff and we do not employ Chinese factory workers (pretty much any soft-good product you buy on Amazon is made in China). We make your items to order -- cut, pin, sew, pack and ship.

Due to Covid-19 and staffing challenges, the backlog for our wonderful items has grown, so we've had to move to a reservation system so that you can get your order in, but we aren't tying up your funds as we work through our backlog and you still have your place in line.

When you order, you will be placing a Reservation (no payment needed yet). When your turn comes up, we will email you a notice to "CLAIM your RESERVATION" by submitting a payment. Please follow the steps below to reserve a spot in our queue.

To PLACE a Reservation:

  • LOG IN (new customers should Create an Account)
  • Add all desired items to your Shopping Cart
  • Click "Proceed to Reservation"
  • Enter your mailing and billing information
  • Click "Place Reservation"

To CLAIM Your Reservation:

Once a slot becomes available, we will send you an email with instructions to claim your reservation. You will have 48 hours to claim and pay for your reservation before it is offered to the next person in line. Please be sure to check your email frequently. 

How long does it take?

We cannot commit to how long you might be on the waitlist before your order is released for payment. Please see our "Shipping page" for our current processing time frame.


We only allow ONE, OPEN RESERVATION per customer. This is for your benefit so that you do not lose your place in line. If you need to ADD ON or CHANGE or CANCEL any items on your order, please contact us with all of the relevant info and we will make the change for you on your existing reservation. 


You needed to create an account WITH A PASSWORD to place a reservation. Please sign on to your account and check the MY ACCOUNT page and your list of order activity. If you wanted your order and it has gone to "UNCLAIMED" status, then you missed the email we sent inviting you to pay. Please contact us to resolve it. If you did not create an account or need a password reset or are having problems logging in, please contact us. If the order still says "Reservation," then we have not gotten to your reservation turn yet.