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Great for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Ferrets, Ratties, Heggies

These toys are made in the USA using great quality materials. They are all safe for your guinea pigs. Of course, it's very easy to make your own toys and we highly suggest you do! We have some personal favorites, like hay stuffed in a paperbag!

But if you are looking for some treats and want to really spoil your piggies, try a couple of these well-crafted toys. Some are intended to hang from a cage wall or top and some you can just leave around anywhere in the cage.

Some piggies love playing with toys, others will ignore them. You may not know until you try. If you've got chewers, try hanging some toys in their normal chew spots and see how they do!

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Piggy Toss Toy
Critter "C" Links for safely hanging toys and accessories on cages
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    Critter "C" Links For Hanging Toys and other items Includes 1 each: RED, YELLOW, GREEN & BLUE Plastic

    cool toy combo of many guinea pig toys