Cagetopia Cage Liner for a 2x5 grid cage in Medium Blue/Green

Cagetopia Cage Liner - 2x5 (LINER-2X5)

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Dimensions 31" x 75" (78cm x 190cm) ~ before washing. After washings: about 27" x 71" (68cm x 180cm), allowing a 4" by 4" (10cm) shrinkage on the liner for washings! Cage Fit For a 2x5 Grid (XL) C&C Cage For a 2x6 Grid (JUMBO) C&C Cage WITH A CAVY...
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Bay Area, California

2x5 Cage Liner

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I got my first 2x5 cage liner in 2015 and have since ordered 2 more so my guinea pigs have a lot of variety. I absolutely love this product and find that it is better that simply buying fleece from a fabric store. They are incredibly easy to wash and clean and a cat litter clean up brush for carpet (or the brush provided on this site) work well in getting up poop and hay dust. I very much enjoy this and how unlike some bedding does, it doesn't restrict their movement or slow them down when running. It also isn't messy and is easy to clean. I highly recommend this product as well as their cages. They're well constructed and very sturdy. I have a 2x5 cage with a narrow loft.

Reviews 1-1 of 1