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    Scaredy Cut 6.5" Grooming Scissors and Comb Set for cutting cutting hair on long-haired guinea pigs

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    Product Info

    • Scissors + attachment combs = a silent hair clipper
    • Great for pets that are bothered by electric clippers
    • Includes seven attachment combs for a variety of lengths
    • Removable gel finger inserts for a custom fit
    • Tension adjustment knob & serrated blade

    Better Safety, Less Stress!

    Most of us approach trimming the hair on our beloved piggies with trepidation and concern. It's a challenging task. As soon as you get over-confident with regular scissors, that's when accidents can happen.

    Shorter Butt Hair = Healthier Guinea Pig!

    Long hair on guinea pigs, especially around the butt area, is a recipe for urine scald and bacterial accumulation. Keeping your piggy's hair trimmed is an important aspect of health maintenance.

    Urine Scald: Painful and Avoidable

    Urine Scald is bad news for guinea pigs, and unfortunately, can easily go unnoticed for a LONG TIME when you can't see it. Keeping your guinea pigs' hair neat and trimmed, especially around the butt and genitals is very important. Urine scald is very painful and your pigs need you to be vigilant to ensure this doesn't happen.

    Cooler in the Summer

    Long-haired guinea pigs deserve a summer hair cut. Keeping their hair shorter helps keep them cooler.

    Dragging Hair = An Unhealthy Mess

    Keep your guinea pigs healthy by not allowing long hair to drag on the ground, where they defecate and old food and bacterial waste can accumulate.

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