Ramp Cover in Zebra and Black
  • Ramp Cover in Bold Dots Blue
  • Ramp Cover in Northern Lights
  • Ramp Cover in Bold Dots Green
  • Ramp Cover in Cow
  • Ramp Cover in Cannabis
  • Ramp Cover in Kisses
  • Ramp Cover in Leopard Spots
  • Ramp Cover in Pink Camo
  • Ramp Cover in Sugar Skulls Black
  • Ramp Cover in Winter Wonderland
  • Ramp Cover in Zebra and Black
  • Ramp Cover in Dinos

It helps keep the more permanent carpet underneath clean and provides a familiar grip and feel for the guinea pigs. The Ramp Wall covers help prevent chewing if you happen to have a guinea pig who likes to gnaw on things. They don't like the taste or feel of the fleece. 

The ramp cover comes in 3 separate pieces. The 2 ramp wall covers don't need laundering very often. The Ramp Pad section has extra length for the top. You put the top of the Ramp Pad UNDER the fleece that you are using on the loft. This helps cover the transom area at the top of the ramp. The Ramp Pad will be gripped naturally by the fleece on top as well as the friction of the carpet along the ramp itself. It will stay in place. 

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