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    One 9.5" Round and one 10"x10" Potty Pad in Brown - for soiled areas, water drips or under a Comfy Cozy, Regular Hidey Hut, Corner Cabin or Square Bed.

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    Made by Cagetopia

    Easy Spot Cleaning

    Keep cages clean and dry with this two-pack Potty Pad bundle in Brown (one 9.5" Round and one 10"x10"). The 9.5" Pad fits our Comfy Cozy. The 10"x10" Pad fits our REGULAR Hidey Hut or our discontinued Corner Cabins or Luxury Square Beds.

    Place Potty Pads in areas where your piggies tend to potty, then simply toss them in the wash with your other piggy laundry as needed.

    Double Inner Lining

    Potty Pads come with two layers of Uhaul lining sewn in between the fleece casing. They are super absorbent and extra plush for your piggies.

    You Get:

    Great For:

    • Easy spot cleaning of heavily soiled areas
    • Catching drips under water bottles
    • 9.5" Potty Pad fits the Comfy Cozy
    • 10"x10" Potty Pad fits the REGULAR Hidey Hut

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