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Price: $157.97

    Follow the rainbow with our Large Pink Unicorns Bundle, featuring a Comfy Cozy, Hidey Hut, spare Potty Pads and a DayDream Delight Toy.

    Availability: Made-to-Order
    Made by Cagetopia

    What You Get:

    Life is Better with Unicorns

    Add a little sparkle with our Comfy Cozy and Hidey Hut in this fanciful Pink Unicorns COTTON fabric (available for a limited time only). FOUR spare Potty Pads are included for easy spot cleaning.

    Dream like a Unicorn

    Our regular-sized Hidey Hut is perfectly sized to comfortably fit one piggy. It is sturdy, functional and easy to wash with the removable potty pad. With this enclosed design, this delightful hidey offers the perfect retreat from all piggy worries.

    Share the Magic

    We always recommend at least two cozies per cage so that piggies don't have to share, so we also included our REVERSIBLE Comfy Cozy. This is a perfect option for piggies who prefer open space while still having the security of the sturdy sides. This colorful cozy is also 100% reversible - simply flip it inside out for multiple looks all in one fun design.

    Spare Potty Pads for Easy Spot Cleaning

    For piggies who sprinkle when they tinkle, extend the time between washing your cozies with our Potty Pads. We've included FOUR extra Potty Pads (two extra for each bed) to make spot cleaning a breeze!

    Don't Forget the Snacks

    The only thing better than rainbows and unicorns are our munchable toys! Our DayDream Delight toy is an exciting way to promote exercise and mental stimulation. These colorful vine balls are filled with Small Pet Select timothy hay and orchard grass, giving piggies something natural to chew on and helping to maintain piggy dental health.

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