Coolest Guinea Pig Gift Ever!

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Coolest Guinea Pig Gift Ever!

Happy Hippy Piggy Lamp is Delightful!

I've been collecting guinea pig gift items for 20 years. I can confidentially and unequivocally say this is one of my all-time favorite guinea pig items. Truly perfect for any Cavy Slave! It's better in person than the photos and videos. The art is superb. The light is so amazing. It will fit in with virtually any decor and mood. It will brighten your day and your evening.

You can set the light to one continuous color or change it up with a variety of modes. You can alter the speed of the light changes, too. My personal favorite is just the slow steady fade across all the colors.

You can use this as your own personal night light or anywhere in your home. Speaking of night lights, please be mindful that guinea pigs do NOT need a night light. :) We should try to keep our pets' environment as natural as possible, especially when it comes to light. Many people cannot sleep well without complete darkness at night. You can navigate your home at night and guinea pigs are fine navigating their home at night, too.

But, oh my, this is a fabulous light for showing off your cavy enthusiasm and keeping yourself in that 'Cavy State of Mind!' It's really got it all, cute, arty, sophisticated and functional all in one. You'll love it. We sure do!

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