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    Eco-friendly, Biodegradable Burial Pod and a Wild Flower Seed Sprouter

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    Paw Pods are constructed from 100% Bamboo and Rice Husk and are completely biodegradable. The Pods are aesthetically pleasing and very durable. They use a multi-step process in the construction of each Pod to ensure a quality, high-end product.


    10.5” L x 6.5” W x 4.5” H

    This size Paw Pod is suitable for Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Birds, Lizards, Rabbits, etc.

    The Paw Pod Experience

    Losing our precious pets can be a difficult experience. Paw Pods provide an eco-friendly pet burial system to transport much-loved pets to their final resting place. Each Paw Pods system includes a biodegradable burial pod, sympathy card and seeded leaf to be planted with the pod. The pod and card create a beautiful living memorial that can be cherished for years. The Paw Pods system can be used to memorialize a pet and acknowledge the circle of life.

    Flowering Seeded Sympathy Card

    Each Paw Pod includes a sympathy card and seeded leaf designed for burial along with the pod. The guinea pig caretaker simply signs the card, plants the seeded leaf with the pod, and beautiful wild flowers grow year after year as a living memorial to your guinea pig.

    The card can be kept as a memorial of your pet or can be buried along with the pod.

    Burial Instructions

    When laying your pet to rest, make sure to bury the Pod a minimum of 1 foot below the earth’s surface. Once your pet is laid to rest, back fill the resting place so that there is about 3 inches of soil mounded above grade level. Then place your seeded leaf on top of mounded dirt and cover with an additional 2 inches of soil.

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