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Lixit Water Bottle - 16oz - Glass

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Lixit Glass water bottles, 16 oz
Lixit 16ox Glass Water Bottle
Lixit Glass water bottles, 16 oz
Slanted Glass Bottles
Pink cap glass water bottle, 16 oz, Lixit
Glass Water Bottle, 16 oz, blue cap
Price: $13.99

    We recommend TWO bottles per cage

    No matter what kind of water bottle you buy, every once in a great while something may not work right with it OR you may not notice that a bottle has gone empty. We highly recommend two water bottles per cage, even when you only have just one guinea pig. It's not worth a few bucks to have your pig going thirsty and you don't realize it.

    Made by: Lixit



    Glass Water Bottles for Piggies

    Lixit Glass Water Bottle has thick-wall glass and a special, no-leak seal design with a double ball-point tube, keeping water fresh, clean and sanitary.

    For best results

    Fill your bottle all the way to the top to prevent leaks and get the best seal.

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