Price: $134.96

    Your little piggies will go wild over this vibrant Hello Kitty COTTON fabric, featuring a Regular Hidey Hut, Magic Muff, Hay Bag, two spare Potty Pads and a DayDream Delight toy!

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    Made by Cagetopia

    What You Get:

    Perfect for lazy loungers!

    Your piggies will go wild over this colorful Hello Kitty COTTON fabric (available for a limited time only). This bundle features a Regular Hidey Hut, Magic Muff, Hay Bag and two extra 10" x 10" Potty Pads in Orange and Green!

    Don't forget the munchies

    Your little piggies will love shredding and tossing our delicious DayDream Delight toy!

    Made using natural materials including paper rope, vine balls, wooden wheels, Small Pet Select timothy hay, orchard grass and more. Lots of fun to challenge the most competitive crunchers out there!

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