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    Save on clearance Hay Bags! Cotton fabric to prevent hay from sticking, but piggies can easily grab hay to munch.

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    Made by Cagetopia

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    Clearance Heavenly Hay Bags

    We're clearing out our inventory. Act fast and save!

    Piggy Approved

    Our soft, colorful hay bags/sacks make it easy for your guinea pigs to grab and munch hay.

    You Get

    • 1 Heavenly Hay Bag in Cotton-fabric with Metal Grommets
    • 2 Metal Lanyard Hooks


    • Approx. 13" wide x 9" tall.
    • The triangle openings are just shy of 3" from top to bottom, and just shy of 3" from side to side.

    Keeps Fleece Tidy

    Our Heavenly Hay Bags contain hay better than most metal hay racks. The enclosed, cloth backing keeps hay from falling out of your cage. A tidier cage keeps makes for happier piggies, and humans too!

    Flexible Placement

    With most standard hay racks you are limited to where you can put them, but our Heavenly Hay Bags can be placed all over the cage. This allows you to provide hay in almost any area your guinea pig prefers!

    Allergy Relief

    Our Hay Bags are more enclosed than traditional hay racks, which means less pollen and hay dust circulating in the air. This is healthier for piggies and their humans!

    Easy to Wash

    Simply toss them in washer and dryer with your other piggy laundry when needed -- just remove the hooks.

    Select your Options!

    Fabric Choice

    • Blue Snowflakes
    • Gingerbread Men
    • Snowman Ornaments
    • Penguins
    • Bats and Skulls
    • Candy Corn
    • Pumpkins
    • Kochinas

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