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    Save big on discontinued FABRICS for Fleece Puffs! Our multi-use Fleece Puffs make great toys and snuggly pillows for guinea pigs.

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    Made by Cagetopia

    Fleece Puffs in Clearance Fabrics

    We're clearing out the following fabrics to make room for new patterns. Act fast and save big!

    Fabulous Fleece Puffs

    Great for tossing or to use as a soft, snuggly pillow. Pile a few into hideys for extra comfort. These colorful cage decorations are a blast!

    Perfect for Snuggles

    Piggies love snuggling with a few soft, plush Fleece Puffs. These are a perfect place for piggies to rest their heads.

    Just for Fun

    These also make great cage decor. Toss a few around the cage and watch your piggies popcorn around them. You can also hang them from the cage sides or upper level and watch piggies zoom through them. The possibilities are endless.

    Enriching Playtime

    These lightweight Fleece Puffs are great for curious piggies, who enjoy tossing them around the cage.


    5" in diameter and completely washable.

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    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Lilac
    • Brown
    • Pink Leopard

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