Magical Mystery Fleece Combo

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Magical Mystery Fleece Combo

Here Comes the Fun!

Come together, little piggies, on a Magical Mystery Tour. This fanciful Cagetopia creation features our delightful Rainbow Zebra fleece collection, including our soft and absorbent Cage Liners to keep piggies clean and dry. For plush and colorful nap spots we included our Comfy Cozy and Magic Muff. And don't forget to add some of our Munchable Toys for a home your piggies will enjoy eight days a wheek.

The XL (2x5 grid) cage is recommended for 2-4 female guinea pigs or 2 male guinea pigs.

Magical Mystery Tour Cagetopia Creation

Like what you see? Recreate this cage with our easy shopping guides below.

Please note, prices are base prices. Adding features and options can increase an items' price.

Fleece and Accessories from Guinea Pig Market:

Cage from Guinea Pig Cages Store:

  • (1) XL (2x5 grid) Cage in Purple with Black Grids - $99.99
  • (1) Piggy Patio in Lime with Black Grids/Ramp Edge/Bar Color, Yellow Ramp and optional Perimeter Safety Grids - starting at ##PRICEOF[ID=113]#
  • (1) Coro Ramp Cover in Yellow with Black Grids - $19.99
  • (1) Lookout Lounge in Lime with Black Grids - $67.99
  • (1) Cavy Cafe in Orange with Black Edging - $27.99
  • (1) Cavy Canopy in Yellow - $24.99
  • (4) Dome Grids in Black (for optional decorative backdrop) - $3.39 each
  • (1) Quarter-Round Mini Grid in Black (decorative - shown on the side of the Patio in front of the perimeter safety extension) - $2.09

Magical Mystery Tour Cagetopia Creation

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