Heart Strings Flippers Set of 3 and a Half
  • Fleece Flippers in Medium Cage
  • Fleece Flippers in a Medium-sized Cage
  • Close up of lining and coroplast
  • Forest Friends Fleece Flipper Case
  • Northern Lights Fleece Flipper Case
  • Rainbow Zebra Fleece Flipper Case
  • Sketched Owls Fleece Flipper Case
  • Starry Night Fleece Flipper Case
  • Black Paws Fleece Flipper Case
  • White Paws Fleece Flipper Case
  • Blue Forest Fleece Flipper Case
  • Native Feathers Fleece Flipper Case

3 1/2 Fleece Flippers™

Our Fleece Flippers™ are a perfect fit for standard-sized Medium Cubes and Coroplast Cages! Generally speaking, one Fleece Flipper per grid length. There is enough play in the sizing to accommodate minor variations.

Availability: Made-to-Order

Price: $101.25

    My Cage Size is

    We CUT the Coroplast panels slightly differently for each cage size. Checking the cage size does NOT mean that you are automatically getting enough Flippers for that cage. Order the proper number of Flippers for your cage.


    Custom Alternate Fabric?

    Note: custom combinations are not returnable.

    Add a set of spares?

    Get a set of spares for laundering now and save! Coroplast panels NOT included. Includes the fleece case and 2 gray liners for each panel in the set. You can choose a new fabric pattern.

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