Do you make CUSTOM Fleece Flipper Cases?

Cage Types Supported

We make Fleece Flippers and Liners for C&C Cages -- Cagetopia or DIY if cut to published standards -- and the Midwest Habitat Cage. For the Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat, the Fleece Flippers especially, help compensate for the thin canvas bottom as they provide better stability and a plastic layer which helps prevent urine from eating away at the canvas liner.

Other commercial cage types are just too small for guinea pigs and fleece is inappropriate for small cages. The fleece gets soaked too fast and the pigs end up sitting in urine. Not good. Small cages should stick with disposable bedding and change it frequently.

What If I Have a Custom Cage?

If you have a large custom cage (C&C or otherwise) that meets our cage size minimums, then with all of the different Flipper panel sizes we offer and Cage Liner sizes, it's quite likely that you can make some various combinations of our existing sizes work for you with a modest amount of tweaking.

If you need some help mapping out a solution, please contact us, and we're happy to advise you on a path forward, but we currently are not able to accommodate custom sewing requests.