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From the creator of C&C Cages and the team comes
another leap forward in easier guinea pig care
with Fleece Flippers for guinea pig cages!
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Flipper Spares

Starry Night Fleece Flipper Case
2 review(s)
Cases fit ALL standard Fleece Flipper sizes (2x3, 2x4, 2x5, 2x6 AND the Regular PATIO). Great for laundry spares or new looks.
Price: $13.33

Midwest Panel Cage Liner
1 review(s)
Price: $13.33

Uhaul Lining pad for Fleece Flippers??
1 review(s)
Price: $5.43

Coroplast Insert
Use this item to order Coroplast inserts for all cage sizes (except the Wide Upper Loft and the Piggy Party Patio)
Price: $5.83

Coroplast Insert
Use this item to order Coroplast inserts for the Wide Upper Loft or the Piggy Party Patio
Price: $8.72

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Do you make CUSTOM Fleece Flipper Cases?

Sorry, no we don't.

Because of SIZE

Most of the requests we get for CUSTOM Fleece Flippers™ and Galaxy Cage Liners are for smaller, commercially available pet cages. We stand firm on our company's principles of providing proper care for pets and the most fundamental care requirement is freedom of movement for a true quality of life existence. Size does matter!

We don't provide Flippers and Liners for cages that are too small (even under the marketing guise that it's for a travel cage or some other purpose). We know that if we sell them, they will in fact be used as permanent homes. We are not about making money any way we can. We have decades of animal welfare, rescue and activist experience on our team. We are about providing you an optimal care and maintenance experience as well as a good life for your pet in the environment that you control.

And because of TIME

The other reason that we don't do custom Flippers and Liners is because of the time it takes (back and forth on getting dimensions understood) as well as the work itself. It really takes away from our main production of getting our customer's orders out. Everyone wants their cage fleece and accessories yesterday and we work hard at hand-crafting all of our offerings for you. We have to move and work very efficiently to keep up as well as keep costs down and consistent products allows us to do that.

And parenthetically ~ because fleece does not work in SMALL CAGES

Related to the size issue, even if we made a cage liner for a Super Pet cage (for example), it would be a waste of money for you and awful for your pet. Fleece gets monumentally gross in a hurry in a too-small cage. You'd be washing your liner at least once a day. It may look cool and cute, but it isn't. If you have a small cage, you are better off sticking with disposable bedding.


We make Flippers and Liners for C&C Cages and the Midwest Habitat Cage. Even the Midwest Cage is a compromise. Despite their product marketing, the cage is barely over 7 square feet -- LESS than the published rock-bottom minimum size of 7.5 square feet. And since it's a canvas-bottomed cage with a thin wire perimeter, it is cheap and readily available. But it's in need of quality improvement once purchased (even if you decide your guinea pigs can live in that size). It's not water-proof, nor smell-proof, nor solid and stable. The Fleece Flippers especially, provide better stability and an improvement in making that cage work.


If you have a large custom cage (C&C or otherwise) that meets our cage size minimums, then with all of the different Flipper panel sizes we offer and Galaxy Cage Liner sizes, it's quite likely that you can make some various combinations of our existing sizes work for you with a modest amount of tweaking.

If you need some help mapping out a solution, please contact us, and we're happy to advise you on a path forward.

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