Dustpans and Broom in Assorted Colors
  • Dustpan and Brush in Yellow
  • Dustpan and Broom in Lime
  • Dustpan in Sky Blue
  • Blue Dustpan and Whiskbroom set
  • Orange Dustpan and broom
  • Dustpan and Brush in Pink
  • Teal Dustpan and Whiskbroom Set
  • Silver Dustpan and Whiskbroom Set
  • Black Dustpan and Whiskbroom Set
  • Dustpans and Broom in Assorted Colors
This bright and nice dust pan and broom will get the job done. The bristles are stiff and the dust pan isn't too big to manuever around the cage. You'll be able to brush off debris and most hair.

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    Dust Pan Color

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