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From the creator of C&C Cages and the team comes
another leap forward in easier guinea pig care
with Fleece Flippers for guinea pig cages!
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Hidey Hut in White Paws
19 review(s)
Jenny's ORIGINAL Hidey Huts! Still the best ~ a big piggy hit ~ with removeable, quick-wash potty pad.
Price: $43.99

Flippin Fun Futon in Bold Dots Blue
6 review(s)
Pick your fabrics, accent colors and trim options for a perfect piggy hide-away or lounger.
Price: $33.99

Comfy Cozy in Superman
3 review(s)
A Cavy CLASSIC. Piggies love their cozies. DOUBLE REVERSIBLE -- cozy and potty pad for 4 looks in ONE!
Price: $28.99

Square Bed in Purple Leopard
4 review(s)
Your piggies will agree that this bed is aptly named! Includes a quick-wash potty pad.
Retail: $34.99
Price: $31.49

Tunnel of Fun in Tribal
Fantastic snuggles and sleeping in this REVERSIBLE, extra long fleece tunnel. Pigs love this!
Price: $43.99

Guinea Pigs in a Magic Muff in Fuchsia/Pink
12 review(s)
Fantastic snuggles and sleeping in this REVERSIBLE fleece tunnel. Pigs love this!
Price: $31.99

Cavy Cave in Heart Strings
20 review(s)
Soft, REVERSIBLE sleep sacks for guinea pigs with stay-open boning. Great for getting piggies out for lap time!
Price: $25.99

Santa Hat Christmas Cozy for Guinea Pigs
This is a deliciously rich Santa Hat that you can actually wear (Adult size) or your guinea pig can snuggle into with dancing carrot dreams!
Price: $32.99

Christmas Stocking Cozy
1 review(s)
Christmas Stocking Cozy in Red and White Fleece for guinea pigs
Price: $32.99

Flippin Fun Futon - SMORES
Our Flippin' Fun Futon in our S'MORES style!
Price: $42.99

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