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You will be creating a RESERVATION for your FLEECE order -- no payment needed yet.
Please note the CAGES STORE is separate and ships in 2-4 business days from ordering.
The overall lead time to ship a Market order right now is roughly 3.5 months. We're backed up due to resource shortages, supply chain issues, and other factors. When we get closer to your reservation we'll email you an invitation to pay. You are not obligated to pay it and it can be changed or canceled up to that time. Thank you for your patience and understanding during these transition times. More info here.


New PRE-ORDER System

We are still working on getting back up to speed at the GP Market. Rather than continuing to stay closed while we are catching up and only allowing some orders to go through at certain times, we've implemented our new Pre-Order system which basically creates a reservation order for you.

That way you can get in the 'queue' for when we have capacity to work on your order. It's basically a regular order on a wait list.

We tend to release about a weeks worth of orders at a time. So, once we are ready to release your order from the wait list, you'll get a notification that it's now time to pay your order so we can get it in our Production queue.

We cannot commit to how long you might be on the list before your order is released for payment. It could be days or weeks. But the sooner you get an order in, the sooner it can be released. Please see our "Shipping page" for our current processing time frame.

We greatly appreciate our customer's understanding and sticking with us during these strange and stressful times. Our products are simply the best on the market, bar none. They will last for years. The quality is outstanding and worth your patience.