COVID-19 Update

We are a very small network of home-based businesses and we are continuing to sell, sew, make and ship your awesome Cagetopia guinea pig bedding, supplies, accessories and toys. During this crisis, we have been and continue to adhere to the best practices related to personal hygiene and limiting contact with anyone and everyone that may cross our paths.

We work locally with a small group of world-class seamstresses who are also home-based and following best practices as prescribed by the CDC. We don't have personal contact when we exchange either raw materials or finished products.

Our standard processing time is about two weeks, but orders may take longer during this time due to decreased personnel and increased safety protocols. We appreciate your patience during these challenging times. We are currently well-stocked on our fleece and supplies and continue to ship products daily. We are one of those small businesses who count on our customer's support for our own families as well.

Please note that the increase in online ordering coupled with the fact that many businesses are no longer open to receive and accept packages that have been en route are causing carrier confusion and delays. So, even after we get an order shipped out, it may take longer than usual to get to you due to factors beyond our control.

Thank you immensely for your patience during this time. If you have any questions feel free to reach out and contact us.