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From the creator of C&C Cages and the team comes
another leap forward in easier guinea pig care
with Fleece Flippers for guinea pig cages!
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Responsible Pet Guardianship

You should always have enough pet carriers at the ready to whisk your piggies away quickly and safely in case of emergency (fire, flood, storms, etc). But more typically, you'll need a reliable carrier for trips to the vet and other short-term travel needs.

Kaytee Come Along Carrier in Assorted Colors for Guinea Pigs
Kaytee Soft Side Small Animal Carrier
Price: $28.99

Incognito Pet Carrier
1 review(s)
Sturdi Incognito Pet Carrier - Is it a purse or a piggy?
Price: $79.99

Sturdi Water/Food Boxes for Guinea Pigs
Sturdi Folding Water-Tight Boxes: 2 cup
Price: $6.95

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