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    Cozy Sheepy Time 2x3 C&C Cage Liner Bundle

    Item #: BUNDLE-SHEEP-2X3
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    Made by Cagetopia

    What You Get:

    • 1 2x3 Cage Liner in this special edition Sheepy Time fabric
      • 31" x 45" (78cm x 114cm) ~ before washing.
      • After washings: about 27" x 41" (68cm x 104cm), allowing a 4" by 4" (10cm) shrinkage on the liner for washings!

    Perfect for snoozers!

    This cozy bundle includes a 2x3 Cage Liner and Large Pillow Pad in this dreamy Sheepy Time fabric (available for a limited time only). Sweet dreams for sweet piggies.

    Cagetopia® 2x3 GRID Cage Liner

    Handcrafted and custom fit liner for any Small (2x3 Grids) Cage. Made with TWO layers of absorbent UHaul lining for maximum protection for your guinea pigs.

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