Bold Dots, Bold Guinea Pig Cage!

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Bold Dots, Bold Guinea Pig Cage!

Boldly Go Creative!

Outfit this great Cagetopia setup with Bold Dots while they are still in stock.

Fleece and Accessories from the Guinea Pig Market

Cage from the Guinea Pig Cages Store

Ramp Up

Need help encouraging them to go up the ramp?

Bold Dots go Boldly Into the Night

Our Bold Dots fabric pattern is leaving us soon. It's being discontinued by our supplier, so if it's one of your favorites, get more while supplies last. It won't be around too much longer. But, never fear, we've always got great new fabrics coming in, so stay tuned!

Introducing the new Rainbow Zebra Fabric

And speaking of great new fabrics, grab a set of Fleece Flipper cases in this great new Rainbow Zebra pattern. We'll be adding more items with this fabric over time. This LIMITED EDITION Flipper Case Bundle set includes 6 fleece cases backed in each of these different colors! For more Fleece Flipper cases and uHaul inserts, please see our Fleece Flipper Separates category.

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